Saturday 22 August 2015

The Fairly Stillwart Chronicles Blog Tour: Day 4 BOOK TRAILER

If you've been following this blog tour, you know there's a lovely new book getting ready to release. This Middle Grade novel is the second volume to the Fairly Stillwart Chronicles, and like the first volume, is sure to capture the magical minds of young readers.

Be sure to visit the Irish American Mom tomorrow, for Day 5 of the Blog Tour! PS: Yesterday's #Stillwart Riddle answer is.... APPLEBLOSSOM.

Here's a little about this upcoming read, and the talented author responsible for it...

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The Fairly Stillwart Chronicles, Volume Two
Stillwart the Pixie is back with her rag-tag group of magical friends! Determined to complete her mission to the Northern Lands, with the hope of saving her people from extinction, she ventures from Nova Scotia to Ireland.
The journey is long and arduous, fraught with danger at every turn, but Stillwart and friends band together, knowing their precious cargo is
Find the answer tomorrow by visiting Irish American Mom!
needed. With only their wits, a cell phone, and the human they’ve come to rely on, the group presses forward, facing each obstacle with spritely courage. To make matters works, the call of the Thorn Tree is strong, making the expedition all the more urgent.
The Fairly Stillwart Chronicles are a series of six short stories detailing the life and adventures of Stillwart the Pixie and her adopted fairy family. The stories capture the Southern Land Fairy folklore by bringing to life their world, hierarchy, and the challenges they face to keep their race and magic alive.

Author Bio:
Scott Butcher is the author of “An Eagle’s Heart” and “The Fairly Stillwart Chronicles, Volumes One
and Two”. Born in Austraila to Canadian parents, Butcher spent much of his younger years travelling between the two countries. Upon completing school, he lived in Australia for 33 years before moving with his wife and three children to Canada in 2009.

And now... here it is! The Fairly Stillwart Chronicles Book Trailer Reveal...

 Volume 2

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