The Wishing Stone
and Other Myths (Learned on Gull Cliff Island)

A soft light hangs over Harrington in the evenings now, it’s the electricity they’ve installed in the hospital, and Dot watches it from her home on Gull Cliff with wonder.  Her best friend Sara says that light means the coast is about to catch up with the rest of the world and Dot isn’t sure how she feels about that.  Dot enjoys having both a winter and summer home, and that she knows every face in three villages.  If more lights come will that mean more people and more noise will come with it?  By the way Dad’s talking none of that may matter anyhow.  He’s planning a move in the near future, to some new land where sea meets river, and no matter how she feels about such a change Dot has no voice when it comes to the elusive minds of her family…

The Wishing Stone and Other Myths (Learned on Gull Cliff Island) will take both child and adult back in time through eleven year old Dot, a traditional girl coping with her father’s dream of becoming a boat-builder and the realization that Mum and Dad are people with thoughts, emotions, and secrets apart from the family.  Alongside adventurous Sara, the best friend she worries will steal her favourite brother’s affections, Dot must make ready for the future, whether it be on Gull Cliff, in Aylmer Sound, or someplace out of her father’s dream.  Like Little House on the Prairie, or Anne of Green Gables, The Wishing Stone and Other Myths (Learned on Gull Cliff Island) will take readers to a time and place where big dreams didn’t mean finding fame, but listening to the heart.

A Sneak Peek on J.M's Upcoming Release
Deep Calling

Seventeen year old Melanie Strickland mans her own motorboat and understands the ocean and its weather better than the oldest fishermen of Hailey’s Round, Quebec, but when this superhuman link with the sea awakes Celtic Folklore’s godlike Tuatha De Danann, Melanie is forced to keep from the ocean, because beautiful Sea King Manannan’s ravenous advances could suck her dry of life.

Hailey’s Round is not safe, but who is there to help Melanie defend it?  Her odd mother hasn’t been a part of her life in years, her boyfriend doesn’t believe in the Tuatha De, and the man who raised her, her grandfather, is dying.

A quick death within Manannan’s hot embrace would be far easier to endure than a bitter life away from the sea, but Melanie is not the giving-in kind.  Demanding life and refusing to be marooned, Melanie decides to resist Manannan’s hunger, by better fathoming her connection with his home, and by defying the entity obsessed with him... vengeful, human-slaver Rhiannon.


  1. March 13th 2014

    Good luck with your publishing Jessica ! Can't wait to read your book ;-)

    Wishing you all the best !

    Uncle Raymond XO

  2. Can't wait to read it Jess. Soo happy for you.

    1. Thanks Janel, I really appreciate your popping by!

  3. So very exciting! I have always loved your ability to completely capture my attention. I am so very excited to read these stories and share them with my family. I am very proud to know you. I always knew you would do amazing things with your life, and that it would include storytelling. You were always so great at it! I wish you all the success your heart desires.

    All of our love
    Angela Bennett and family

    1. Ange, you brought tears to my eyes! Thank you friend, for your continual support. Love you all so much,