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Jessica M. Lavallee grew up along the Lower North Shore of Quebec in small community Chevery, and like Little Dot, loves books with a passion.  Still devoted to literature J.M spends much of her time reading, writing, and imagining, while working as a Preschool Instructor and Kindergarten assistant in Grovedale, Alberta.  J.M’s most precious work however, is shared with her husband through the raising of their two handsome sons.

Since early childhood Jessica M. Lavallee was devoted to books. Before she could write she'd bind paper with cardboard and string, her pages filled with squiggles describing worlds only she could comprehend. By the time she was seven J.M. knew she wanted to become an author.  It would be some time before this idea of the future would come to pass.  Writing journal entries, short stories, poetry, and songs suited her for awhile, and would be the therapy she needed in traveling the road toward publication.

After becoming a mother J.M. picked up a freelance job as a columnist in Grande Prairie, Alberta, for the city paper the Daily Herald Tribune.  This opportunity helped hone her craft and gave the confidence she needed in trying her hand at novel writing.  On March 11th, 2014, J.M. signed her first book contract with Canadian Independent Publisher, Morning Rain Publishing, for Middle Grade work, the Wishing Stone and Other Myths Learned on Gull Cliff Island. She would sign a second with Morning Rain Publishing soon after, for Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy, Deep Calling.

J.M. enjoys country life in the tight knit community Grovedale, Alberta, alongside her daring husband and two equally daring sons.

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