Sunday, 13 September 2015

Creating a Book Club

As a child I didn't have a great variety of book outlets. For a short time a public library became available in my tiny, isolated community, but due to the great expense of shipping books back and forth, it's doors soon slammed closed. There was a large library in our school, though for some strange reason it was almost never utilized. I believe it was because the books needed fresh cataloging... All that to say, the people in my life who recognized my love for literature, my yearning for more of it, thankfully nurtured it in any way they could. My mother shared the novels of her youth with me, and read countless fairy tales by my bedside. My father allowed access to his collection of biographies and history books, despite their adult content. And my teachers shared the greatest works of fiction and fantasy, which were my favorite, and often purchased titles I inquired about.

I was fortunate.

Throughout the years of reading I longed for others like me. I wished to yarn about the fantastic worlds I discovered between pages with more than just the loving adults around me. They were great and all... but I was a kid!

There were of course a few friends who enjoyed reading as I did, but none were ever as consumed, dedicated, or (let's face it) obsessed, as I was. How much I would have loved a nerdy "and not ashamed of it" book club.

For this reason, I have decided to create a Middle Grade book group at my current place of work, Penson School. I introduce to you the I Love Books Club!

I want to make this club a space for any young book lover to feel at home in their passion for the power of words. This will not be your ordinary, sit around the table and be quiet, book group. I aim to reveal the energy behind the book lover's soul through vivid conversation, character charades, cover vs. content knuckle rounds, novel themed costume meets, and more! I can't wait to get started.

Another special feature I'd like to introduce to the I Love Books Club is a monthly Author Q&A or Meet and Greet event. These need not be face to face, but may be worked online through email, video, or by live Skyping. If you are a Middle Grade or Picture Book author interested in making a group of book fans very happy (as well as interested in your work) please get in touch.

Let's spread the book love! You can visit the I Love Books Club blog and keep up to date on what we're reading, what we're celebrating, and more, by clicking the link below. We'll be enjoying our first meeting this Tuesday!

 I Love Books Club
Visit the I Love Books Club Blog


  1. Hmm, did that comment work? Maybe not. Hey Jessica, I'd be happy to be part of the author Q&A but would like to send some of my books first.

    1. Hi Scott Butcher, this is excellent! Thank you kindly, this will be a big deal to our group. I will be in touch ASAP :)