Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Live Interview Stress

I get very nervous when doing live Q&As. One of the reasons why I love writing so much, why writing has ever been my therapy, is because speaking is a personal trial. There are many thoughts in my head, knots of them. When I try to speak them into words, the processing from brain to mouth and tongue takes far too long, resulting in more of a jumble, pauses, and lost words. I despise this about myself. I have so much to say, and I love sharing, but speaking my mind is difficult.

Writing, however, is not.

Somehow, as a child, when I was learning to communicate, my brain found a much quicker, more successful route... through my hands. When I speak through my hands (as in writing and typing), words flow easily, comfortably. There is no stress then, and zero words get lost.

As much as I know live interviews are necessary and a wonderful way to promote my books, I fear them, and struggle my way through. But I never turn them down.

During the #YADeepCalling Blog Tour, I had the privilege of speaking with radio personality, Ms. Monica Anderson. I'd spoken with her before my first novel's release, and during that novel's book tour while visiting Harrington Harbour. This interview touches on the Wishing Stone and Other Myths, what I've learned since that novel's release, and Deep Calling.

Have a listen...

I'm currently awaiting a call from CFBS radio out of Blanc-Sablon, Quebec. I'll chat with host Vicki Driscoll about books, writing, and the scoop on Deep Calling.

I'm a bottle of nerves. I feel sick. But I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my book love.

Wish me luck!

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