Saturday, 22 March 2014

World Poetry Day

Oops, I missed World Poetry Day...  In that case, happy belated World Poetry Day!

I've never been much good at following the rules of poetry, which is perhaps why I enjoy writing songs instead.  That way I can be my own master!  In celebration of the great art, here's a little something I wrote after my husband and I visited with one of his old friends.  Hearing their memories eventually resulted in this...


I wonder what it is my shadows see,
When they’re looking up to and making mountains of me?
Lines and shelter, authority,
They don’t see the man I used to be.
Wild and remiss, and free to roam,
Always with a crowd yet forever alone,
Many strange faces, including my own,
My reflection and I sat upon a throne.

Looking back, there is some shame,
If I could turn around would I do the same?
You choose your own cards when you deal in the game...
When you chance to be risky and feed the flame,
When you carry the courage to not be the same,
That’s living the game of life.

I raced with fast women.  I raced with fast toys.
Wherever I went I made lots of noise.
I lived half dead to lead the pace of the boys,
Even good girls gave into my ploys.
Many times now I turn my head to forget,
How far away I was from knowing what’s best,
My head was a brick and fate was for the rest,
All I thought real was a misguided mess.

I carry a novel upon my face,
Whose lines tell of times my memory erased,
Light from my shadows assure it wasn’t a waste,
Gone if I hadn’t taken the time to taste?
I’m no longer alone when I play King of the night,
And despite my skin’s poetry I’m still able to fight,
With a wiser head for knowing what’s right,
I realize now my hand, in the game of life.

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