Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Love Your Library

The Grande Prairie Public Library
Every individual deserves the sanctuary of a library.  In such a place a person can discover who they are, they may travel to distant worlds or learn more about their own.  Within the walls of a library anything can happen, and the power that lends can be magnificent.  My family are great lovers of the library and we visit ours often. As members of the brightly lit Grande Prairie Public Library we have access to hundreds of possibilities, and these are not limited to learning through books...

Libraries offer its patrons opportunities to learn in many forms, including the production of programs which enable those with similar interests to gather and discuss, and to share.  The GPPL has a splurge of strategies which give any personality a moment in the light, and I urge any who haven't yet visited their library to do so today.  Even if you aren't sure what niche you may fit into, a trip to your local library is worth your effort, as it may perhaps be the best place for you to find it!

Personally I greatly enjoy visiting the library simply to be surrounded by literature.  Often I visit to write where it's quiet and comfortable, and sometimes simply to meet a friend for a coffee and chat.

Some programs you may discover through your library...

  • Writing Groups
  • Book Clubs
  • Movie Clubs
  • Knitting Clubs
  • How to Learn a Language
  • Music Groups
  • Gaming Groups
  • (My two sons are members of a Lego Club!)
  • And More

Never forget, anything can be found in a book, and if you aren't finding what you're looking for speak to your librarian.  He or she has what it takes not only to figure what you might enjoy, he/she can request a title from out of house and have it delivered in a jiffy.

Support the love of books by buying a library card, and discover what's out there for you!

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