Friday, 18 July 2014

Wishing Stone Book Tour: Day 7

The librarians of the Fredericton Public Library were wonderful hosts during our reading and signing there.
We enjoyed the children's section with its forest of books theme; I even got to read upon a toadstool!  Was very nice seeing a few fellow Coasters turn up for the visit, and just as lovely seeing the Fredericton faces that piled in.  Many children attended the event, and enjoyed crafting paper dolls just like Dot and Sara did in the Wishing Stone and Other Myths.

From Fredericton we made our way to the quaint Regional Library of Cambridge Narrows, where the librarians pampered us with homemade treats and local book talk.  So much volunteer work goes into this library, we were astounded by the many programs as well as variety of literature made available to book lovers.  It was a pleasure meeting new and old friends in New Brunswick, and we all wished we'd had more time available for touring.  Alas, the road called and again we were off, on our way to Nova Scotia...

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