Tuesday, 8 April 2014

National Poetry Month: A Poem for Old Lovers

My last two posts for National Poetry Month were on the heavy side so today I'm going light and will share
a song written from the perspective of a woman who's been married for some time and is remembering young love in order to appreciate old love...


Do you miss too much Youth’s first touch?
The wildness of new fire,
Being left on a hot wire?
Is there a stain beneath your gold?

Our kisses are still sweet,
Are warm and still give heat.
Is that enough to sate your lust
When there’re children running around your feet?

Take my hand Man,
And fly with me to before.
Let’s remember why we promised forever
Take my hand,
And together we’ll fly to the end.

Do you often recall when the world was small?
When no road was too long?
When everyone but us was wrong?
Then we were trained by our gold.

Your eyes reflect my soul and it feels right.
You are my best friend,
Secrets only to you I lend,
With you I’ll never grow old.

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