Friday, 13 June 2014

Book Tour Meets Road Trip

We know the Wishing Stone and Other Myths (Learned on Gull Cliff Island) will launch as an eBook Thursday, July 3rd, and that a celebration of its release will commence out of the Grande Prairie Public Library, but that hasn't been the only thing keeping me wired and up at all hours of the night...

Following this novel's launch, my family and I will be booking it East and hauling the Wishing Stone with us.  A book tour is currently in the works, beginning in Quebec's Eastern Townships within the North Hatley Public Library, and will continue east through New Brunswick (we will visit the Fredericton Public Library, and Cambridge Narrows), Nova Scotia (a visit to the Pictou-Antigonish Public Library), Newfoundland's Northern Peninsula, and then back to Quebec upon its Lower North Shore.  There we will find our way to final destination Chevery, Quebec, and their greatly anticipated Chevery Come Home Year Celebration.

The Book Tour
Meets Road Trip:

To make this road trip a little more exciting, my family and I have decided to start a campaign we've dubbed 'Bringing the Wishing Stone Home'.  As the fabulous Morning Rain Publishing  will be making printed editions of our novel available for this tour (Yes, it's true!!!), a special copy will enjoy the trek with us on a personal level...

The Wishing Stone and Other Myths was written in Alberta, though it is loosely based on the East Coast town Chevery, Quebec's beginning. This town is terribly isolated and traveling there is expensive. My family and I have never been there together.  In fact, I've not returned to that town of my youth since the day I left for work ten years ago.  Our campaign novel will travel home with us, and we're making a deal of it!

Every place we go, the print will be photographed with road/shop/library signs, landmarks, with the people we meet and visit along the way, and we'll even take snaps of it doing things like enjoying a local treat, or perhaps a nice Tim Horton's coffee!

When this special copy of the Wishing Stone and Other Myths at last reaches Chevery, it will then be donated to their Netagamiou School's library.

Anyone can track our road trip's progress by following us on twitter @authorJMLava, or by liking my Facebook author page at

If you think we'll be in your area, please get in touch!  We'd love to take your picture with the Wishing Stone and Other Myths (Learned on Gull Cliff Island).

I'm calling Shotgun!

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