Monday, 21 September 2015

The Legend Series Blog Tour: Day 5

Please welcome author L.F. Young as he continues his online blog tour for the enticing Legend Series! Today is Day 5 of the tour, and it's my pleasure to share these words of a very important character in Young's MG novels... Willie the Dragon. Be sure to check out the puzzle below, as well as the Morning Rain Publishing coupon which can be used for your book purchasing delight. And don't forget to enter the raffle! You could win book swag!

Hello everyone, and thank you Jessica for inviting me to say a few words on your beautiful blog. My name is Willie, and I am a dragon. That is to say, I was named Willie by Ryan. I didn’t have a name, back then. Ryan and I have grown to be close friends, and I have been asked to explain what my typical day is like. That’s a tough question for a real live dragon. I guess what I mean is, my day is a little bit boring compared to the stories most people think they know about dragons. I have never
burnt down a village. I actually can’t breathe fire, and I can’t fly, either, although apparently some of my ancestors did. Mostly, I live underground, and I keep out of sight during the day, asleep in my lair. I don’t think humans would understand my species, well, other than Ryan, of course. We liked each other right away.

Let me see… I can tell when night falls and it’s time to get up, even from underground. Ryan told me about time and clocks and watches, but I just use my nose to tell time. I wake up when the smell of the air in my tunnel system changes, and I know I won’t be spotted as I look for food. My favourite foods are what Ryan calls tomatoes, but I can only get good vegetables and fruit like that in the summer, and I am sure the farmer doesn’t mind. After all, the deer and rabbits get their fill, and I
don’t even leave a mess. I also like the red juicy things on trees that he called apples, and there are a lot of those trees nearby. I spend a long time eating as I go along the countryside under the cover of darkness. In fact, I eat for most of the night. The other thing I really like to do is swim in my winter feeding grounds: the ocean. There, I can have as much of the seaweed and plants as I want, and the bonus is I have never seen a human down where I go for meals. I am also a great swimmer, and I can stay submerged for a very long time. I have been to a lot of places in the world by travelling in the oceans, but New Brunswick is the best, and now that I have found a friend, I won’t be so lonely. I hope you like our story, and I know you will learn some pretty interesting things about the ocean and about nature all around us. I sure enjoyed this chance to talk to everyone. Thanks again, Jessica.

In 1995, Lockard Young started banging away at the computer, and before long he had completed five chapters of a book. Because the characters were named after his children, he thought it fitting to read the tale to them. Enthralled by the story, they demanded more and so Lockard wrote. The end result was a story entitled, Ryan’s Legend, and then its sequel, the Legend Returns. Two books were born, and so was a hobby.
A plumber by trade, Lockard lives with his wife in the countryside of rural New Brunswick. In addition to a number of stories he has “in the works,” Lockard also has an impressive poetry collection, inspired by his trip to South Africa.
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  1. Thank you, J. M. I had so much fun as your guest author today, and I am sure Willie was happy to write to you as well, because he likes to think/talk. I want to say Good Luck to the I Love Books Club and all it's members. I absolutely love your idea to start this special club for young students.